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Barbara Hoffman came to the Rochester, New York area in 1981 with her husband Dan and her two daughters.  The following year Hoffman Associates, a real estate developement firm.  Her firm worked to rehabilitate urban commerical building and to revitalize neighborhood without the destructive, but profitable and popular genrification that was sweeping the country.  She was historically sensitive, listened to neighbors and fellow business owners and cooperated with local, state and federal governments to improve the quality of life in Rochester.

Hoffman & Daughters Assocaites discovered the neglected Susan B. Anthony neighborhood when it was an aging neglected west side of the city,  Orginally designed as a working man's neighborhood near a commerical and inductrial area, she as inspired by the spirit of the woman who once power-walked the neighborhood- Susan B, Anthony.  Anthony lived in house at 17 Madison Street off West Main Street for forty years before her death in 1906.  Over the next four years, Hoffman Associates purchased three commerical/residential building at 540-544 West Main Street including two storefronts, four apartments and a two- story townhouse.  The Landmark Society of Western New York had rated this property "red" noting it the highest category for architectural and historical importance.

Barbarb Hoffman purchased two houses on Madison Street to renovate for her daughters to someday occupy. 

Where it all began
Barbara Hoffman standing in front of one of her properties on W. Main Street in 1983 
Courtesy of Democrat and Chronicle)
Pictured above: Barbara Hoffman 2012
In the meantime, she rented them out and has since sold one home to noted sculptor, Pepsy Kettavong.  Former 19th century Rochester Mayor Henry Fish once resided there with his wife Leah Fox, sister of the famous Fox sisters who founded the Spiritualist Church.

Barbara once told a reporter, the Susan B. Anthony "neighborhood has a tremendous ownership by women and minorities. I could give you a list of fifty women who own property, and others who put their energy, time and love into this district.

To stay under budget and insure that schedules, codes and commitments were kept, Barbara Hoffman worked as general contractor on all the significant rehabilitation required in these building.  Wherever possible she worked with woman-owned or minority contractors, architects and business owners.

Today Barbara wants to encourage other women to economic success through Voter's Walk Enterprise.  She wants women to be fulfilled through the spirit of Susan B. Anthony and her neighborhood.  

Women are encouraged to join Voter's Walk Enterprise and to tour the Susan B. Anthony House and neighborhood. 

Voters Walk Enterprise meeting are held every Tuesday in the Cafe 1872 Coffee Shop community room located at 536 W. Main Street in Rochester, NY 

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