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Monthly inspirational articles written by women in various sectors of business sharing their stories on  pursuing their passions and what keeps them motivated along the way.

Hello I am Tish Eggleston the website designer of this site, an multi medium artist, and a Voter's Walk Enterprise member since 2009 who decided to explore my talents later in life.  When I first shared my artwork with my husband and family, they were speechless, could not believe I had hide this side of me for so long.

Earlier mostly my time was spend taking classes aimed toward enhancing my career, from Computer Aided Design to IT Networking, while continuing to chase a dream job, in which sometimes I felt fulfilled and other times I questioned my direction.  I  have come to understand that I enjoy learning and implementing new skills but not the corporate structure that comes  along with it.

Then in 2009 a friend of mine told about a group of women meeting to discuss, encourage and help other women start their own businesses.

Since I was still working an traditional job at the time; I participated sparingly, but soon became very interested in what they (one woman in partricular, Barbara Hoffman) were trying to accomplish. The goal was to encourage women to be empowered by tapping into their talents and following the path they truly wanted to be on.  Since childhood art and design has always been a love and driving force of mine.  So I dedcided it was time to pursue something I truly had a passion for.

I have not regretted it one bit; Voter's Walk Enterprise has been very uplifing and informative, my affiliation has changed my life.  Having a group of like-minded women to network with have been priceless.  I now have a love and passion of what I am doing.  

While currently working on and setting new goals  I am happier then ever, and look eagerly foward to what's ahead.  

Wishing you Health, Wealth and Wisdom

Tish Eggleston

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